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Feeding Australia, Fairly

Farmers across the country are working hard to feed Australia fairly, but they are not being given a fair go.

What is not fair are the negative impacts on Australian farmers of cheap imports, centralized market control, overly-burdensome regulations and the rampant expansion of the fracking industry. It’s a tough time to be an Australian farmer.

Fair Food Farmers United is a platform to connect, support and provide a united voice for farmers feeding Australia fairly.

Why join FFFU?

  • be part of the voice advocating for a viable future for farmers
  • benefit from farmer-to-farmer knowledge-exchange and networking through online and offline forums
  • belong to a collaborative farmer community
  • benefit from regular communications: a membership e-list / a dedicated Twitter account / e-news / blog page
  • place your farm profile on the AFSA website and help build a listing of members by region
  • enjoy regional and local connections with potential customers
  • connect to the national and global fair food movement

Free-range rare breed pig farmer Tammi Jonas of Jonai Farms, Eganstown, Victoria, explains why the time has come for Fair Food Farmers United.
Download media release of the launch of Fair Food Farmers United, 3 March 2014 (pdf 861KB)


Fair Food Farmers United aims to:

  • provide a balanced voice to represent farmers who are at the sharp end of the impacts of free trade
  • raise awareness about the impacts of cheap imports on farmers
  • advocate for fair pricing for farmers selling to the domestic market
  • connect Australian farmers for farmer-to-farmer knowledge sharing
  • be a voice for farmer-friendly regulations and standards.


Charlie Massy, broadcare livestock farmer, researcher and author of ‘Breaking the Sheep’s Back
"Most farmers in broader-scale, ecological agriculture who are at a distance from local markets (and markets of any size), like myself, face logistical problems in delivering produce to more specialized markets.

"Consequently we are totally disempowered, captured by the big-end of town (big multi-national traders, big middle-men, big retail, big finance, and, in the case of non-ecological farmers, by big suppliers linked to big chemical and pharma companies).

"That means we are jammed into the impoverishing role of being 'price-takers' forced always to work on efficiency, cost-cutting and so on, rather than the earth-and-human-regenerating stuff that builds soil, families and community.

"In such a corrupted system there are few avenues to do something different and certainly no voice. But for the first time, Fair Food Farmers United, provides this and enables us to join, learn from and participate in a surging world-wide movement."

View video: Charles Massy - Farming futures: how Australia’s farmers are adapting to changeView Charles Massey’s book details: 'Breaking the Sheep's Back’. Source: photo

Charlie Massy, broadcare livestock farmer, researcher and author of ‘Breaking the Sheep’s Back

Lauren Mathers, Proprietor, Bundara Berkshires; Cofounder, Red Gum Food Group (Barham); National Committee member of Austtralian Food Sovereignty Alliance
"Protecting farmers against the impact of imports and tackling existing regulations is an area that I'm really passionate about.

"It's heartbreaking seeing farmers doing things such as pack up and leave their land, pull out old fruit trees and sell up to internationals as they feel they have no choice or don't have the support to adopt innovations to evolve.

"This is an exciting time for farmers to have a strong united voice and the Fair Food Farmers United is here to be just that."

Find out more: Bundarra BerkshiresRed Gum Food Group 

Lauren Mathers, Proprietor, Bundara Berkshires; Cofounder, Red Gum Food Group (Barham); National Committee member of Austtralian Food Sovereignty Alliance

Our Members

Our members are ‘natural’ people, not corporations, who — alone or with partners or family — provide 80 percent of the labour on their farm (excluding seasonal work like picking or shearing) and sell into the domestic market.

This is an eligibility requirement for membership.


Click here to become a Farmer Member — recurring annual payment

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About the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance

AFSA is a national alliance of farmers, small food entrepreneurs, public health professionals, community gardeners, farmers market coordinators, journalists, and local food advocates who share the vision of a fair food future for all Australians. AFSA draws inspiration from and is founded on the principles of food sovereignty and food security, which call for national and global food systems that prioritise human and environmental health and well-being, and the viability of local farmers, above the economic interests of large multinational companies.

Founded in 2010, AFSA has provided national vision leadership through collaboratively creating Australia's first Peoples Food Plan, and in coordinating Australia's first Fair Food Week. In 2014 AFSA will launch Australia's first Fair Food feature documentary, Just Food, which will tell the stories of Australian farmers, businesspeople, local governments and others who are transforming Australia's food future.

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