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Contact: Robyn Currie
: 0416 203067
: Melbourne

Local Food Connect (LFC) is a volunteer community group, based in North East Melbourne, which is working towards the re-localising of our food production and supply systems.

Our vision is of:

1. A vibrant and dynamic local food culture and economy.
2. A viable alternative to the modern fast-paced, fast-food, global supermarket view of food.
3. A clean, green, environmentally and socially sustainable food future.

Our core values are:

a. Slow food not fast food.
b. Our strength is our community.
c. Natural, sustainable, equitable.
d. Education and participation.
e. Shake the hand of the farmer who grew it.

To progress our vision, we:

1. Encourage home food growing.
2. Facilitate food swaps.
3. Encourage and support local food enterprises.
4. Encourage school and community gardens.
5. Facilitate education on food growing and production.
6. Initiate and encourage participation in local food events.

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