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Contact: Lizzie Buscaino
: 0422341590
: Thirlmere

Piccolo Farm is a small Permaculture family farm run by couple Lizzie & Gianluigi Buscaino. The farm is developing into a diverse system with a combination of a market garden and poultry.

The farm is being developed from a property which has been used for grazing for quite some time and the focus, alongside producing nutrient (and flavour) dense food, is to improve the ground and increase biological activity.

Since we (Lizzie & Giangi) have made the transition from suburban city kids to a farming family, we welcome anyone who is interested in having a chat or want to see the farm for educational purposes. Although by no means experts in permaculture, market gardening or keeping fowl, the hope is to provide a view into what can be possible for someone who wants to start their own farm.

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