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Contact: Joanne Wheaton
: 0427 928 248
: Nhill

We're a 4th generation family farm in the Wimmera. We've followed into commodity farming but in recent years have thought that we'd love to change focus and move towards selling produce in a more direct manner. We have started by selling our meat direct to the public with food miles in mind.

We deliver via a box system on the last Friday of most months to the towns of Kaniva, Nhill, Natimuk, Horsham, Dimboola, Warracknabeal and Jeparit.
Our meat is on the menu and Mason Clarke in Dimboola, Bonnie & Clyde's and The Exchange Hotel in Horsham and Deirdre's at Laharum Grove.

We are slowly building this section of our business but we have found the uptake slow in our area as it is a very new concept here. Fingers crossed!

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