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Contact: Miranda Sharp
: Melbourne

Miranda Sharp coordinates Melbourne Farmers' Markets. Needless to say, she can usually be found on a Saturday morning at a farmers’ market somewhere!

A retired chef, caterer and food writer, Miranda has cheerfully devoted 25 professional years to Melbourne’s food industry. She finds it very hard to determine where work ends and life begins.

Farmers’ markets are the culmination of her interest in Victorian producers and the edible spoils of every season. It is her quest to provide opportunities for everyone who eats to access, enjoy and afford fresh food. And more fundamentally, to remind us all that without the farmers’, the rest isn’t possible.

Our farmers' markets are dedicated to Victorian food and producers, regional food cultures, seasonal produce, biodiversity, sustainable farming practices and the strengthening of relationships between the consumer and the producer.

Shopping at Melbourne Farmers' Markets means you guarantee your money goe

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