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AFSA’s electoral scorecard — only the Greens pass the fair food test

The government and the Coalition fail badly with 24.25% and 8% respectively

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) today released  the results of its Fair Food Electoral Scorecard which rates Australia’s three major parties according to the values, principles and proposals for a fair food system set out in the Peoples' Food Plan.

In June this year AFSA sent a survey to the parties, seeking to gauge the extent of their commitment to a fair, sustainable and democratic food system across eight main indicators:

  • transitioning to sustainable and viable farming systems
  • optimising the health and well-being of all Australians
  • prioritising food and farming in planning frameworks
  • tackling food insecurity and food injustice
  • tackling corporate concentration and creating a more diverse food retail ecosystem
  • supporting fairness for small-scale farmers abroad, especially women
  • promoting fairer trading systems
  • promoting inclusive and participatory governance frameworks for food and agriculture.

Our findings are summarised below. Note that the Coalition has not yet released a detailed food and agriculture policy — should it do so prior to the election, we will update these results.



Download AFSA Electoral Scorecard press release — 21.8.13 (pdf 889KB)

Download AFSA's consolidated survey — 21.8.13 (pdf document)







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