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Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance


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Peoples’ Food Plan

A smart, crowdsourced plan for a better food system

The Peoples' Food Plan — conceived to reform the federal government's proposed National Food Plan by including Australia's smaller-scale farmers and the myriad small business, social enterprise and community-based food initiatives that populate our commercial and civil society — was Australia's first crowdsourced policy directions document.

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  1. First steps in Seymour

    Fair Food Farmers United (FFFU), the Farmers’ Chapter of the AFSA, brought together a small group of producers and food activists in Seymour, Victoria.

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About the AFSA

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) is working towards a fair, diverse and democratic food system for the benefit of all Australians.

How we work

These are the values that form the platform from which the AFSA operates…

  • Inclusive
  • Collaborative
  • Professional
  • Transparent
  • Wise
  • Courageous
  • Sustainable


We are a national alliance of people and organisations who are working for a better food system. The food system is broken. People are hungry in outer suburbs, whilst supermarkets are throwing away food. Farmers are leaving the land in droves. Food is full of additives and chemicals that are making us sick. We’ve come up with a plan for a better food system — it’s called the Peoples’ Food Plan.